About Sierd Nutma

Sierd Nutma is a speaker, trainer and author. He is an expert on Mental Resilience. He trains teams, leaders, entrepreneurs and top athletes. He is a huge contribution to their goals for increased performance. He passionately and candidly encourages people to reflect upon their personal story. In 2016, he published his book Mental Resilience for Professionals.

Sierd traveled one of the larges deserts in the world by foot, and biked a 6000-kilometer tour through Siberia. In 2014, he participated in the coldest and most enduring marathon in the world on the North Pole. In 2015, he organized an adventurous expedition for a group of 6 physically disabled people and lead them to the top of a Norwegian mountain. In 2017, he organized the first ultra-triathlon for people with paraplegia and cerebral infarction. Yearly, he organizes multiple international leadership events.

“My expeditions are not so much about physical performance. It is more about the discovery of my motivational factors and the constant need for personal growth and development.”

For years, Sierd was an integral part of the elite teams of the Dutch Special Forces. He therefore knows exactly how to lead and perform under excruciating circumstances. His past experiences, his passion for extreme expeditions, and his desire to push past his own boundaries is what makes Sierd truly unique. The training and speaking engagements are very much reflective of who he is. He challenges you, provokes you, constantly in search of your boundaries. All of this with a keen eye on what truly matters: the people!

Annually, Sierd Nutma delivers more than 100 training programs and lectures on Mental Resilience, How to Handle Success, Workload and Stress.

  • Sierd supports organizations concerned about performance improvement, and implements powerful training programs in which the human factor is always a focus.
  • In 2010, he developed a training on Mental Power for the National Police Force (+35000 attendees)
  • He developed an innovative training on how to handle yourself during stressful situations (aggression, work pressure, mental resilience) for multiple governmental safety regions. (+2000 attendees)
  • Organizations are mentored in the development of resilient leaders and teams.
    With his support, top athletes perform at their highest level.
  • His presentations and lectures are innovative and challenge people to act.


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